Great success in Agility
PlCh, DCh (VDH+Club) Moorwood Against All Odds
CountryWinner Niedersachsen 2015
Place 5 in A3 small of 20 Teams ; 30. Mai 2015 in D-Wunstorf, Judge: Hubertus Schulte, D


Oiva in Agility is full of power and joy , exact working

and always nice looking








Ch Moorwood  Against All Odds







PLCh, DCh (VDH + Club) Moorwood Against All Odds

German Clubwinner 2014 Small

30. 08.2014, D Hamburg-Wohlsdorf, Judge: Lee Gibson, GB

Agility-Competion of German Club of British Sheepdogs e.V.




 DV1 CAC, CHVDH, Best male: PLCH, DCH (VDH + Club)Moorwood Against All Odds "Oiva".


What a weekend, wonderful summerdays, great success in Agility.

Störtebeker Agility-Event 03. + 04.08.2013 in D-Halbemond.

Judges: Peter Vox, Marcel Schlühr

Moorwood Against All Odds"Oiva"; second Best Small Dog in A3,third

 best  Dog in  Kathegorie Small

winning Bronze-Medal and a nice cage.

Moorwood Orange Ctaftsman/"Duks"sixth best Medium dog in A3.

 Jutta Eichhorst, Germany.



D Pl Ch Moorwood Against All Odds.

Pl Ch Moorwood Orange Craftsman.

The best show dog and agility dog in Club of British Sheepdog,  Niedersachsen,2012 .

Best veteran dog in show and 2nd best agility dog in Club og British  sheepdog,Niedersachsen 2012


Owner Jutta Eichhorst, Germany.






 DCH (VDH + Club) Moorwood Against All Odds

German ClubWinner

Agility-Competion of Club of British Sheepdogs.

09. September 2012

Saarbrücken, D

Judge: Petra Zepke, D4. Place in Kathegorie “Small


Owner Jutta Eichhorst, Germany.




      Agility Competion D-Lindhorst   (28.+29.07.2012)

        Moorwood Orange Ctaftsman 





Dt Champion

        Moorwood Against All Odds


Owner Jutta Eichhorst, Germany.




 Ch Moorwood Against All Odds ("Oiva") & Ch Moorwood  Orange Craftsman ("Duks")


Dallmin, Tyskland, Saturday, 16.06.2012


Duks A3 medium; A3 SG 3. Platz, JP3 SG 5. Platz, Totalresult: 3. Platz, Game: V0 3. Platz

Oiva A3 small; A3 V 2.Platz.


Sunday, 17.06.2012


Duks A3 medium; A3 SG 3. Platz, JP3 V0 4. Platz, Totalresult: 2. Platz

Oiva A3 small A3 V0 1. Platz, JP3 V0 2. Platz; Totalresult: 1. Platz.


Owner:Jutta Eichhorst, Germany

Link > Juttas Dreamboys


Int show in Neumunster, Germany, June 4, 2011


Ch Moorwood Against All Odds have qualified for SUPER-MASTER in agility

(Multi Ch Grandgables A Showy Fellow - Nigma Fudge)


Ch Moorwood  Orange Craftsman & Ch Moorwood Against All Odds


Owner:Jutta Eichhorst, Germany



The honnor of the best show- dogs and the best agility-dogs of 2010 of our countrygroup Club British Sheepdog.





Ch Moorwood Orange Craftsman



Ch Moorwood  Against All Odds (Oiva).

Owned by Jutta Eichhorst, Germany

Ch Moorwood Orange Craftsman (Duks).

Owned by Jutta Eichhorst, Germany