European Flyball Championsships  16.- 18. August 2019 in D- Hungen – Obbornhofen

CIBCh, PLCh, DCh (VDH + Club), PLVCh, CZVCh, DVCh (VDH + Club)

Moorwood Against All Odds ASG’14, BHVT, A3

has got with his crew „Lindhorster Flitzepfoten“ Place 3 in 17. Division

Judge Speedtrail: Tom Morris, D, Judge Double Elemination: Jürgen Stank, D


owner: Jutta Eichhorst, D



Flyball – Competion „Young and Old, just for Fun“; 19.08.2018 in DBramsche
Judge: Robert Assmann
CIBCh, PLCh, DCh (VDH + Club), PLVCh, DVCh (VDH + Club)
Moorwood Against All Odds ASG’14, BHVT, A3

TOP Oldie on the Day
Oiva with his Team : Round Robin Place 2; Double Elemination Place 2.

Owner : Jutta Eichhorst, Germany


of Nds FLYBALL-Cup 2016 with Total result of 5 competions Place 4 of 27 teams……….Great

Successful and happy “Lindhorster Flitzepfoten”


CIBCh, PLCh, DCh (VDH+Club) Ch Moorwood Against All Odds

Again Flyball-Winner in July, 2016.

Link > Juttas Dreamboys




Joke and success for  CIBCh, PLCh, DCh (VDH+Club) Moorwood Against All Odds

with his team (2 Border Collies, 1 Australian Shepherd, 1 Elo, 1black German Shepherd)in FLYBALL competions.



Oiva on the way to the Flyball-box

Perfect swimmerturn, fechting the ball

Quickly, quickly back…..



29.05.2016, D-Hannover, 3. Division; judge Monika Hitzbleck , D Round Robin, place 2, Double Elemination place 1 Winner

24.04.2016, D-Osnabrück, 3. Division;judge Tom Stroik, D Round Robin, place 3, Double Elemination place 1 Winner


Owner Jutta Eichhorst, Germany.


Link > Juttas Dreamboys








Ch Moorwood Orange Craftsman



 Ch Moorwood  Against All Odds











Fotos from German Championship in Flyball, September 2010.

Owned by Jutta Eichhorst, Germany




All in nice and beauty

< Oiva 

Duks >


VDH CH Moorwood Against All Odds


PolCh JCh Moorwood Orange Craftsman

I’ll put Oiva (he is start-runner) in position, waiting of the“go” from the judge

Oiva is starting

Oiva is on the correct way


Perfect swimmer-turn from Oiva on the box, picking up his ball

Quckly and powerful back with the ball

Quickly jumping the hurdles


Last hurdle for Oiva

Perfect change with Border Collie Bingo

Oiva is out, has made a  good heet

Waiting of the result

Sweet paws crossing Duks

Successful team in 3. Division

1.    Place in Round Robin

 2.  Place in Double Elimination

What a weekend!!!!!!!!



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